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The luxury class complex CASCADE PLAZA is located in the historic part of the Dnipro.
CASCADE APARTMENTS consists of three parallel residential cascade: South, Central and North, each of which has its own lobby and patio.
Buying a home in the complex is not only the acquisition of a new comfortable standard of living, but also a reliable investment in real estate.

cascade advantages

Reliability and quality

cascade advantages


cascade advantages


cascade advantages

projects for
each owner

cascade advantages

Own engineering
and administrative

cascade advantages

Developed infrastructure

cascade advantages

architectural and decorative


North Tower - 5 floors, Central Tower - 9 floors, South Tower - 9 floors
Above-ground 2-level parking
Granite facade
Monolithic - frame type design
The presence of terraces
Restricted access system
24-hour concierge service
cascade plaza

Lobby Cascade Apartments

Cascade Apartments lobby is a modern planning solution, elite finishing materials, a refined interior with pieces of furniture and decor from famous Italian and American designers. The area of the lobby is more than 255 m2, includes a reception, waiting areas, area for business meetings.
The lobby of all residential cascades in their luxury level with the most luxurious hotels in the world.

High standards

All materials used in the process of construction and decoration of the complex are natural, unique and of the highest quality. The progressive LED lighting system of the complex was recognized as the best in the category Architectural lighting at the Ukrainian Urban Awards and at the New York IES ILLUMINATION AWARDS – the most prestigious worldwide competition of lighting architecture.

cascade plaza

Concierge service

Cascade Apartments residents are provided with high quality service 24 hours a day.
Concierge service for tenants creates the necessary conditions for high-quality and round-the-clock solution of tasks of any complexity level, and also takes care of all organizational and domestic issues.
The concierge service Cascade Apartments is an exclusive privilege in one of the most prestigious residential complexes in Ukraine.

Exclusive doors from world designers

The residential complex has anti-vandal doors of the German company Schüco. The system of automatic touch opening of doors on the parking is provided.
The entrance doors to the apartments are wooden, combining the elegant design of the world-famous company and the reliability of advanced protective technologies.

High-tech windows and awnings

The apartments are installed window systems of the German manufacturer Schüco. A 2-chamber double-glazed window with a French balcony will allow you to take a break from city noise.
Marquis outdoor systems automatically change the angle of rotation depending on the position of the sun and the intensity of lighting, which allows you to maintain comfortable natural light throughout the day.
Panoramic windows allow you to enjoy a breathtaking view of Yekaterinoslavsky Boulevard. And the innovative design of the French balcony will not worry about the safety of your children.

Author elevators

Modern elevators from the German company ThyssenKrup are of high quality, smooth running and modern design. The designer interior of the elevators perfectly complements the style of Cascade Apartments, which use the best finishing materials and installed a limited access system.
The increased dimensions of the elevators – 2.6 mx 1.4 mx 1.6 m, allow residents to feel comfortable when moving around the complex.

Individual choice of heating system

For residents of Cascade Apartments there are no restrictions. We have provided complete freedom to choose heating systems. The apartments can be installed radiators, underfloor heating, convectors and even the innovative climate system WRW, for which freon ducts are provided.


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